How to order

For all general photographic work, such as Portraits, Family photos, Group Photos and non restoration jobs, contact Ace PhotoShop for a QUOTE via our CONTACT page. For restoration work, due to the complexity and differences in the extent of damage, QUOTES can only be provided, and orders established, once your photograph has been examined.

The steps to your photographic restoration are:
  1. Contact Ace PhotoShop to discuss your needs
  2. To receive a Quick Quote, send a scanned copy of your photo via Email or WeTransfer.
  3. Mail your photo to Ace PhotoShop, River Walk Arcade, Ballina 2478 for quoting. For posting instructions see our information below.
  4. Make a payment using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Paypal. No Credit Cards.

Sending a photo via Australia post

Sending a photo by post is safe and we have  had no losses or damage since 1988. A few steps to ensure  correct packaging and sending it through registered post.

Please follow the instructions below


Sandwich your photo between 2 sheets of ordinary cardboard. Any box can be used ensuring that the corrugation runs opposite between the top and the bottom sheet. The size should be slightly bigger than the photos to be posted with tape applied around the edges to form a “sandwich”. A normal paper envelope should have the address and return address on it. A note must accompany the package with the customers details.
Bubble wrap is not suitable to send photos.

Making your payment

Paying is easy with Paypal. Registered Paypal members can pay using their preferred method, otherwise Paypal allows for easy credit card payment for everyone. If you would like to pay by other means, our postal and direct deposit details can be found on the contact page.

Direct Deposit

Account Name: J.Full

BSB: 650000

Account Number: 524916909

Reference: Customer surname