Additional Services

Passport Photos

Quality studio passport photos in Ballinaany size for all countries

These include:

– Visa and passport photos.

–  Transport authority ID photos for bus and taxi liscences

– Airport security liscences

– International driver’s liscence

– Trade liscence

– Jetski and boat liscence


Canvas Printing

We use high quality canvas to print on, giving it great sharpness and rich colours with a protective coating to be enjoyed for many years to come.

The original can be converted to canvas from a photo fileprintnegative or slide.

Wrap around can be either an extension of the photo, if suitable, or single colour.



VHS tapes deteriorate over time and need to be transfered onto DVD to be enjoyed in the future.

The layers of tape sitting on top of each other create “ghosting” and “snow”.

Colour might be fading in and out and sound becomes distorted due to fungus contamination and stretching of the tape.


Slideshows -Funeral Tributes

Tributes in the form of a slideshow are used for funerals and wakes to celebrate the persons life.

These tributes can be shared amongst relatives and friends.

Slideshows - Birthdays and Anniversaries

popular addition to the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries.

Photos have to be digitised to be compiled in a HD production.

Playable on all platforms.

Art Reproduction

Artworks of any size can be digitised to JPG and TIFF format to use for promotion or artist portfolio. Reproductions can be printed onto photo paper or canvas.



  • Transparencies
  • Photo paper prints (any size)
  • Negatives (all sizes, B&W and colour)
  • Objects (coins, jewlery, medals)

All types and sizes can be scanned in high resolution for archiving on USB or hard drive.


War photos - Honour Plates

It is difficult to share war medals amongst the family.

Honour plates are made from the photo of the soldier, the photo of the medals in life size, a service certificate and any other memorabilia.

When framed it gives the impression that the medals are really there. Once completed, copies can be made to enjoy by other family members.


Kodachrome Slides

Widley used in the 50s and 60s, slides can develop fungus and mildew as a result of humidity, This ruins the quality of the image causing irrepairable damage.

Agfa slides in particular fade to a purple colour which can be colour corrected.

Scanning slides to create digital copies will preserve your memories.

All types and sizes of slides up to 10″ x 8″ can be scanned in high resolution for archiving on a USB or hard drive.


Unique gift ideas

Photographs make great gifts for all occasions.

A unique photograph can be created combining various images into one to make a personalised gift.


Vinyl records and audio tapes to digital

Convert your Vinyl records and audio tapes  onto CD or MP3 format.